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Curriculum Vitae and more

As a young man I started with studying communications engineering. Later I was fascinated by high voltage arcs, so I found a comprehension link between communication- and high-voltage-knowledge in my dissertation developing the concept of 'Wavefronts' with electro-magnetic 'Impulse Waves'. During my work at the university together with my doctoral thesis supervisor and other colleagues I was co-author of 6 published papers about different subjects. 


More than 29 years I was doing my job at a large company which is producing electric/electronic devices and building plants: First I got some knowledge about European  radiation protection equipment (which is one of the most sensitive in the world). After that, while working with a team revewing the leak-detection system for extended liquid metal filled pipes inside the ancient sodium-cooled fast breeder reactor in Kalkar, Germany, I decided to re-adjust my focus on the development of high sophisticated software e. g. for early prototypes of an image processing system ("Graubild-Sensor"), which was tested at Volkswagen's alloy rim production plant to enhance the reliability of fault detection. Later on, I joined a team who was designing and testing prototypes of track bed antennas and transmitters for wireless station platform observation systems ('Sitrail', the system is still in use in Hamburg, Germany). Further projects were the development of software for automation/process controllers ('PID-Tuner', see US000007349748, which is still available as a part of the process control software PCS7), a prototypical optical solder-paste inspection system ('µScan', see EP000001212583, US000006710867, the prototype was presented at the EPC Fair of Nurembourg, Germany, and I was co-author of a publication, but unfortunately the project was stopped). Later on I co-developed and tested Linux-based communication software (Modbus over TCPIP) in a remote cooperation with an Australian software specialist. After this I gained some theoretical and practical knowledge about plastics injection molding machines for developing a method to reduce the variability of the injection molding process (DE10312256, DE102007035804). Last not least I contributed to a project concerning the condition monitoring of packaging machines (DE102006022595, EP06818006, US000007905138).


Being on retirement for more than 10 years, my goals are now: 

Give the most priority to my wife, my children and grandchildren, making walking tours in my native region with other retired men, care for my oldtimer car and so on.  Also I'm focussed on discussing actual technical issues of social concern with friends and relatives.

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